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Problems of the bones are common. We often hear people in family and social circle complain about joint pain, back aches, and arthritis. Sometimes doctors suggest us surgery but we are not sure if that is the right approach. This is the time when you must consult an Orthopedic doctor. Whether you need a second opinion or need to consult a specialist for any bone and joint related problem, you are at the right place. DoctorQuick is a leading platform for online doctor consultation in India for your healthcare.

How a Orthopedic Specialist Can Assist You?

  • We aim at connecting you with the best orthopedic doctor online.
  • You need not travel long distances or wait for hours after taking an appointment with an orthopedic doctor.
  • You can connect with our orthopaedic specialists via video call on your smartphone and our specialists will hear your problems and provide medication or other solution like physiotherapy, or other advanced techniques.
  • We pick our Orthopedic Specialists carefully so that you can consult them with confidence.  
  • You can connect with our medical specialists online. They will hear you and guide you accordingly about issues related to joints, bones and bone structure.
  • With orthopedic consultation online from our specialist doctors, you can get an opinion about whether to opt for surgery or not, or they will simply analyse the reason of joint pain or injury and prescribe medicines.

When Should I Consult an Orthopedic Doctor?


In case you are suffering from back pain or ruptured disks, a surgery is unavoidable. These are very delicate surgeries. Before you opt for one do consult an orthopedic doctor to evaluate if surgery is the only solution.


In case of injuries, sometimes, a surgical intervention is also required. The online orthopedic doctor will evaluate the extent of the injury and suggest solutions.


Leg, foot and ankle injuries are also very common in today’s life and in many cases, if the injury is severe, the patient may have to undergo a surgery. Our online orthopedic doctor will analyse the problem and guide you about the future course of treatment. The orthopedic specialist will also look at the extent of the injury; and if required, he may ask the patient to undergo a surgery.

Painful conditions such as arthritis also require consulting an orthopedic specialist. In many cases doctor prescribe medicines if the patient is elderly or also in case of children.

Children also suffer from injuries from time to time, these are addressed by pediatric orthopedic who specialise in diagnosis and treatment of children.

Following Problems Can be Addressed by an Online Orthopedic Consultant:

Spine Injury



Sports Injury

Knee Pain

Back pain

Ankle Pain

Joint Pain

Shoulder problem

Hip replacement

How to find the Orthopedic Specialist?

  • Locating an orthopedic doctor is difficult as it is a specialised field and there are very few such specialists in every city. If you are in small town, you might need to travel to a nearby town to visit one.
  • Another, issue is taking a day off from work and waiting for hours and sure how good the specialist is.
  • With DoctorQuick, both these concerns can be addressed. Simply search for a specialist you need on our site and browse through the list of our verified orthopedic specialists.
  • You can contact our doctors 24X7.
  • We provide first orthopedic online consultation FREE.
So, whenever you need an opinion of a top orthopedic doctor, you can easily get one without the need to visit their clinic. Consult with the best orthopedic doctor just sitting in the comfort of your home today!