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  • Ophthalmology is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease related to our eyesight and visual system. Eyes are one of the greatest gifts of God and perfect eyesight is an incredible asset to have in the race of life.
  • However, on account of various reasons the eye and its surrounding structures may get affected by a number of clinical conditions. Ophthalmology seeks to redress those issues with accurate diagnosis, therapeutic means which involve medication and in certain eventualities, microsurgery. Since Eye doctors / Ophthalmologists perform both diagnostic and surgical operations, they are bracketed as both surgical and medical specialists.
  • An Ophthalmology residency, post M.D is the minimum requirement to become a certified Ophthalmologist Specialist in which the last 2 years are dedicated to gain surgical experience and become Ophthalmic Surgeons. A further 1 to 2 years of training may be required in order to gain the added knowledge of sub-specialties in this field.

Eye Specialists/ Ophthalmologists Treatment

Ophthalmology Specialists / Eye Specialist Doctors are the only professionally trained doctors/ physicians who can treat the most severe eye disorders related to macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma. Not only for addressing serious eye-related disorders but even for regular vision related abnormality, Eye Physicians offer comprehensive ocular visual assessment, which may involve the use of prescriptive lenses for vision correction.
With the increase in the average life-span and excessive dependency on technology, eye health is increasingly assuming more and more importance. An ageing population translates to more age-related macular degeneration of eye muscles and such anomalies can be best treated if caught in the initial stages where it can then be addressed with medicines.

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Functions of Ophthalmology & Pediatric Ophthalmologist


Amblyopia/ Lazy Eye Syndrome

This refers to vision problems related to relative disuse of one eye, usually treated by prescribing an eye patch therapy, to restore vision in the weak eye.


A condition in which the absence of the natural lens is sought to be compensated by prescribing contact lens.


This affects both distance and near vision and the same can be corrected with glasses.


One of the prime causes of impaired vision on the global platform, with people over and above 65, suffering from some degree of visual impairment on account of cataracts. This is the second most common surgery performed by ophthalmologists.

Chlazion / Sty

A bump on the eye lid caused by an inflamed oil gland.

Conjunctivitis / Pink Eye

Could be viral/ bacterial/ allergic in nature.

Esotropia / Crossed Eye

Both eye balls are directed towards the nose.

Eye Trauma

Lacerations and injuries which warrant emergency repair.

Exotropia / Walled Eye

Both the eye balls face the outward direction, towards the ears.


Build up pressure behind the eyes which can cause damage to the blood vessels, ultimately leading to blindness. Needs immediate medical attention.

Hyperopia/ Far-sightedness

Close-range vision is compromised, and this needs prescriptive glasses.

Myopia/ Near-sightedness

Distance vision is affected and is usually corrected with glasses.


An involuntary anomaly in which the eye balls rapidly keep shifting.


The eyelid/s droop on account of wither nerve or muscle damage, requiring surgical intervention.


This lethal form of cancer of the internal layer of the eye mostly affects infants and young children.

Retinopathy of Prematurity

This is usually found in premature children which causes abnormal growth of the blood vessels of the retina.


The eyes get misaligned on account of weak muscles and need glasses for correction.

Paediatric Ophthalmologist: There are separate specialists who diagnose, treat and manage all vision related anomalies in new-born, infants and children known as Paediatric Ophthalmologist.

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