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People are more aware about fitness these days. Today, we all want to lose weight or maintain weight and stay healthy. Whether you are overweight, a diabetic, an expectant mother or one who has recently become a mum, you all must take assistance of a nutritionist or a dietician. He/She is the one who is trained to advise specifically on the right food and nutrition for various health issues.
So, if you are overweight or have any other health issue due to which you need to and want to lose weight, you are at the right place. At DoctorQuick, we help you to get online consultation from some of the best dieticians.
You can consult well-known and experienced nutritionists who are expert in the field of nutrition and dietetics. Your location does not matter as we provide online consultation. Simply register with us and let us know your problem; and we will connect you to a suitable nutritionist/dietician.
We have practicing, and experienced online dieticians and online nutritionists listed with us to guide you on healthy eating habits, physical workout, BMI index, diet plans, healthy lifestyle and more. So, no need to go anywhere or ask anyone about whom to consult.
Most dieticians listed with us provide dietitian services to hospitals, outpatient care centres, nursing homes and also have their own clinics. With DoctorQuick, you need not go anywhere to get help, simply logon to our app to get online nutrition counselling at an affordable fee. First Consultation is FREE!

Online Dietician Provide Following Services:


Online dietitian for weight loss

When it comes to losing weight or any other health issue, one size does not fit all; so one must go for personalised counselling. Everyone has a different body and so the diet plan needs to be given based on specific person and problem. We have some of the best online nutritionists who are there to offer you the right online nutrition counselling. You can call our best online nutritionist 24X7 and know about healthy eating habits and good nutrition. Our personal dietitian online will understand your lifestyle, reasons for weight gain and accordingly advice you about the diet plan. They will give you a personalized diet plan making sure that your body gets all the required nutrients while you are on your weight loss journey. Get FREE online nutrition counselling from your personal dietitian online today!


Nutrition counselling during pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important phase and the child's health is directly dependent on how much the mother takes care of her health and diet. Ignorance can sometimes lead to wrong eating habits that can affect the growth and development of the unborn child. Nutrition education and counselling is thus very important for women during pregnancy. The Dietitian will tell you about the various foods to eat and not eat and in how much quantity. They educate mothers to be about balanced protein intake, micronutrient supplements and fortified foods. This nutrition education and counselling help in ensuring that the weight of both the mother and the child is optimal and there is no risk of any kind.

Nutrition Counselling After Pregnancy

It is natural to gain weight during pregnancy. Once the pregnancy phase is over, you have a bigger responsibility of breastfeeding the child and so your diet is very important. So, if you have gained weight during pregnancy, do not worry. It is a phase of life, an important one, and with the right counselling from our nutrition experts, you can surely look the way you used to be before pregnancy. Get a FREE consultation from our nutritional therapists today!

Get a Healthy Nutrition Diet Plan from Experts

  • Our nutritional therapists will talk to you at length about how to prepare healthy meals for particular health care needs like BP, diabetes, weight loss, food allergies, etc.
  • They will also guide you about buying good quality ingredients for various food recipes for the people. Nutrition doctors and clinical nutrition specialists will advise you on cooking low-fat, low-salt, low-carbohydrate, low-cholesterol, chemical or allergen-free recipes as per your need.
  • Sometimes certain foods are not suitable for some people to eat. Many times, some food results in an allergic reaction to the body and only a dietician can detect the reason.
  • We have nutrition specialists specialised in making diet plans for all those patients who have specific healthcare requirements. There are nutrition doctors who are specialised to look after the specific health needs of the elderly, infants, children and adolescents.
  • If your doctor has suggested dietary modifications for your health condition, our nutritional therapists can help you with online dietitian counselling.
  • If you face irregular bowel movement, then you should be contacting an online dietitian to change your food habit.
  • Do you feel uncomfortable when you consume any dairy product? If yes, then a dietician can help you know if you are lactose intolerant.
  • When you have tried every diet plan, yet unable to lose your weight, DoctorQuick is the place to consult an online dietitian for weight loss. They can guide you to change your life-style to see weight difference after a while.
  • Frequent heartburn or acid reflux after consuming any food calls for best online nutritionist’s guidance.

No matter where in India you are located, if you have an internet connection, you can easily reach out to our online nutritionists 24×7.  

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