Lactation Consultant Online

  • After a baby is born, the whole process of lactation is a complicated one.  A mother’s milk has several nutritive properties which is essential for baby. It protects the baby from several diseases as a mother’s milk contains various antibodies that helps build the immunity of the child.
  • Thus, if there is a complication with lactation, it may affect the baby severely. And it also isn’t possible to get a lactation expert available at any point in time. DoctorQuick gives you the service of lactation consultant online where you could address your complication to a lactation expert and thus can be treated accordingly.
  • There are various factors which could lead to complications in lactation. Primarily, hormonal imbalances result in poor lactation or reduced lactation. The lactation consultant or breastfeeding consultant can prescribe medications for imbalances in the body that is resulting in reduced production of milk or no production.
  • Hence, a lactation counselor plays a key role after child birth. He or she ensures that the mother is lactating  well and the baby gets enough nutrition.

Lack of Glandular Tissue


The lack of glandular tissue is another reason for lack of milk production or reduced milk production. The ducts which are needed for milk production may not have been properly developed and hence, the milk production is low which in turn puts the life of the baby at risk. Lack of adequate nutrients from the mother’s milk can hamper the growth of the infant.

A breastfeeding specialist can guide a pregnant woman or even to mothers who have just given birth, on how a mother can be prepared for lactating. The specialist can also suggest medications so that milk production becomes adequate which is essential for the health of the baby. The breastfeeding counselor will also take special care of the mother so that the mother doesn’t need to go through adverse conditions where external factor could result into lower milk production.

With lactation consultant online, you will have an expert to guide you throughout the process from the initial months of pregnancy to lactation. He might not be physically by your side but the online medium will help you to be in touch always. The lactation counselor will give you breastfeeding advice and related advices so that there is increase in the production of the milk and the baby could get proper nutrients without suffering from any other abnormalities.

The online consultation will give you the platform where you can talk with a breastfeeding specialist and take proper guidance course which is required to restore milk production. And all these procedures are done via online interaction which gives you the perfect opportunity to sit at home and get breastfeeding advice without having to step out of your homes.  

Advantages of Online Lactation Counseling

Even if you don’t have one, you can find a lactation consultant via DoctorQuick which is capable of handling any kind of complications and he or she will assist you with utmost dedication. The lactation consultant online has proven to be very effective in situations where mothers produce reduced amount of milk.

With just  a Smartphone, you can contact a  lactation consultant or breastfeeding consultant at any time of the day or night. You can avail to their services 24/7. Whether it is an issue regarding lactation or any other breast related issues, you can find a lactation consultant and share your problems. You will be offered with the best advice and can also get prescribed medications.
You can get first consultation free in DoctorQuick and thereafter you can continue the consultation in nominal charges by using the service. The lactation consultant online brings you consultants from all over the world so that you aren’t bounded to see consultants from one particular region only. With just one video call, you will be connected to a lactation counselor who will provide you with breastfeeding advice and thus, you won’t be feeling helpless in those moments when you have some complications and not to know what to do. The lactation consultant online has become a medium where you can share your ordeal with trained professionals.