Importance of a General Physician

Whether you are suffering from a minor illness or a complicated disease which is hard to diagnose, a general physician is the one who can primarily deal with all your health-related issues. A general physician is a trained person who understands the anatomy of a human body very well. Thus, he is equipped to provide necessary guidance as and when required. Here we will list the reasons why a general physician must be consulted in case of even a minor illness.


Knowledge of various systems

They have a unique way of approaching an illness. Since they have the knowledge of the human body as a whole, they can correlate symptoms and diagnose accordingly. The complications could be a result of abnormalities arising from not just one part of the body but in conjunction with multiple others.

Complex illness

In case of complex illness, a general physician plays a very important role. Due to different symptoms from different diseases, it is important to diagnose the exact cause, a general physician can easily identify where or what exactly the cause could be and suggests treatment accordingly


The general medicine doctor also has vast knowledge of different drugs that are used for different diseases. Sometimes one drug may contradict another drug. In such a complex scenario, the general practitioner doctor can prescribe medicines as per not only the requirement of the patient, but also after making proper assessment if the list of medicines complement each other and would not have any side effects.


A General practitioner doctor is trained to diagnose wide range of diseases. This is crucial especially in case of a complicated disease as the symptoms may coincide with another disease The general medicine doctor takes outmost precautions so that a correct diagnosis could be made and anything that is non-related could be taken out from the case history.

Pre-operative period

The pre-operative period in case of a patient is also of utmost importance as in this period, tests are carried out so that surgery could be done without any further complications. Since a general physician doctor is equipped with the knowledge of wide range of illness and their prognosis, he is in the perfect position to carry out a different assessment to see that the surgery could be carried out safely, and no further complications could arise even in the post-operative period.

Post-operative period

Even in the post-operative period, the general practitioner doctor carries out vital functions. After the operation, there can be further symptoms and complications that may occur. To make a correct assessment, the knowledge of various systems in detail is needed and, in this case, the general medicine doctor plays a key role since he has the knowledge of vital functions of various other systems of the body. If some complications occur in the post-operative period, he is the first person with whom one should consult as to weed out other non-related issues which may show similar symptoms.
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