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All of us face problems related to oral health and hence need to visit a dentist sometime or the other. These problems include tooth decay, pain in teeth and gums, bleeding gums and cavity in children as well as elders. Never ignore the problems related to oral health as they will become more severe with time. It is good that nowadays people have become more attentive towards dental problems.  One must also go for regular check-ups so that if there is any problem, it gets cured at the initial stage itself.

What is dentistry and what does a dentist do?

  • Dentistry is the branch of medical science which deals with the study, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of various conditions, diseases and disorders related to oral health.
  • Dentists are doctors who take care of the oral health of their patients this includes teeth, gum, jaw, salivary glands, etc.
  • They fill the cavities in teeth, clean, repair, remove or perform surgery on the teeth.
  • They can fit in dentures or implants.
  • They can work as general dentists or can be a specialist in oral surgery, orthodontics, dentistry for kids, etc.

Trust DoctorQuick for a Dental Consultation

DoctorQuick has qualified and experienced dentists on our site who can provide consultation without going to your nearest dentist. All dental problems do not need face to face consultation, so for an initial consultation, you can surely choose our online platform. Later, you may visit the dentist as per the need.

We have pediatric dentists, oral surgeons and general dentists. Let us see how our dentists can help you.



Diagnosing the problems related to your oral health, whether a disease or a disorder.

Promote oral health by giving suggestions about how to keep the teeth, gums and whole mouth clean.

Guiding patients about how to prevent themselves from oral diseases.

Assessing the condition of the patients and making a treatment plan for the best oral health.

Analysing the x-rays and other diagnostic tests in order to understand the exact problem.

Perform surgeries as and when required. For this obviously, you will need to visit the dentist.

Monitoring the development and growth of children teeth, which is part of dentistry for children.

Ensure safe and efficient oral care.

Get Complete Range of Dental Services

  • General dental Check up
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Root Canal
  • Dental Bridge   
  • Dental crowns
  • Inlays and onlays
  • Tooth implants
  • Simple & Complex oral surgeries
  • Partial/Full dentures

While bearing all these responsibilities and working accordingly, a dentist must be very careful as a simple mistake in tooth extraction, placing fillings and administering anesthesia can lead to small as well as severe complications like infection, temporary as well permanent nerve damage, pain in teeth as well as gums. At DoctorQuick, we work responsibly, we list dentists only after visiting their dental clinics and receiving a satisfactory report from our experts.

Consult General & Pediatric Dentist Online

Locating a specialist for dental consultation is not an easy task. The regular practice is to ask for recommendations from family and friends but can’t be sure about the reliability.
DoctorQuick promises to help patients in connecting to the doctor at any time of the day. You can consult a dentist online through us.
You can consult an experienced pediatric dentist in order to address oral health problems of your children.
If you have some general questions related to the oral health, then it is not required to visit the dentist in person. DoctorQuick has the facility whereby you can ask a dentist online through call.
Most importantly, we offer FIRST dentist online consultation FREE.
So, whenever you need a dental consultation or need the advice of a pediatric dentist, connect to a dentist online for general consultation.