Ask a Doctor 24*7 – Online Doctor Consultation in India

A medical emergency can arise anytime and that is the time when you need to reach out to a qualified doctor, ASAP. It may be that your child wakes up with sudden high fever in the middle of the night or the elderly, ailing parent has another bout of heaviness in the chest and you do not know what to do!

During all these situations, one feels anxious and helpless especially when your doctor does not answer the phone. Also, it is not always feasible to rush to a doctor at odd hours especially when there is no guarantee of finding him in the clinic or hospital.

Online Doctor Consultation at Any Time

  • Yes, you read it right! Wondering how? The answer is here, DoctorQuick, is now available that allows you to ask a doctor online, 24X7.
  • Your doctor at midnight, your doctor in emergency hours, your doctor at your beck and call; DoctorQuick is the best friend, guide and confidant you can hope for.
  • In today’s hectic lifestyle, when medical problems are rising irrespective of the age, a Free Online Doctor Consultation 24×7 helpline was truly the need of the hour. DoctorQuick is the sure-shot way to avail an online doctor whenever you need advice.

Here are more reasons to opt for DoctorQuick Online Doctor Consultation in India:

Medical Attention in the Comfort of Your Home

The best part about DoctorQuick is that it makes it redundant now to visit your doctor in person, unless and until the severity demands. For all other consultations, you can book yourself a online doctor consultation and talk to your doctor from the comfort of your home. Get the best medical advice from some of the well-known practitioners.

Online Doctor Consultation Saves Precious Time

Time is of critical essence. With doctors working round the clock, it is difficult to avail the service of one without waiting in long queues that warrant taking leave from the workplace. DoctorQuick is a blessing in disguise for busy professionals. It bypasses the long waiting periods and allows you to get online doctor consultation prescription within no time.

Talk to Your Doctor Via Voice or Video Call

The fast-evolving technology in all aspects of life is indeed making life a bit simpler when everything else is becoming more hectic and strenuous. No more travelling long distances or waiting in the traffic to get to your doctor, on time, leaving behind everything else. Simply, browse through the doctor’s listings at DoctorQuick and ask your Doctor online, for the best advice. Talk to your doctor via smartphone in real time!

Say NO to Costly Consultation Fee

With medical expenditure reaching an exorbitant level, consulting a doctor has become quite an expensive proposition. This is also one of the key reasons why people postpone visiting a doctor unless it is an emergency. But now you can ask a doctor online and get the best advice and prescription. No need to ignore yours or your loved ones’ health anymore.  The first consultation is FREE and after that the consultation fee is nominal.

Your Information is Completely Confidential

Your privacy and confidentiality is well-maintained and your health issues duly addressed. So, whether it is some sexual disorder, any mental stress, child bed-wetting problem or any other medical context that makes you feel embarrassed to ask a doctor, now it can be addressed by online doctor.

DoctorQuick- A Medical Revolution!

With the option of online doctor prescription through online doctor consultation in India, DoctorQuick is sure creating nothing short of a medical revolution. So, whether you need a Paediatrician, a Dietician, an Ayurveda Practitioner, a Dentist, a Gynaecologist, or a General Physician, look no further. World Class doctors are now at your fingertips.

Download the DoctorQuick app and be part of the change, today! First Consultation is completely free!